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Practice Areas

Law Office of Richard J. DeAngelis, LLC represents both individuals and businesses in proceedings and transactions that involve:

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Real Estate: Law Office of Richard J. DeAngelis, LLC and predecessors have been providing the highest quality of legal services to buyers, sellers, and lenders in central and eastern Massachusetts for over 40 years. It has extensive experience representing builders and developers in the acquisition of vacant land, regulatory permitting before zoning, planning and other land use boards and commissions, licensing, appellate review of decisions of local boards and commissions, as well as the division and development of land. If you are about to enter into a real estate transaction, whether as a first-time homebuyer, the developer in a complex commercial real estate transaction or in some other capacity, always seek the advice, guidance, and experience of competent legal counsel. The Law Office of Richard J. DeAngelis, LLC can assist you in coordinating, implementing and concluding the transaction.

The firm will develop and coordinate presentations to be made to local boards or commissions to accomplish the issuance of required permits and licenses. It will also provide guidance to ensure compliance with all of the requirements and procedures necessary to complete the purchase or sale of a business, as well as a variety of other tasks requiring legal advice. In providing these services the hallmark of the firm is its dedication to the needs of each client and the professional manner in which each legal task is performed. All client relationships are characterized by the utmost courtesy and respect.

The Law Office of Richard J. DeAngelis, LLC has coordinated the issuance of permits, licenses and approvals and the purchase, sale, lease, and mortgage for many businesses and properties located in the Golden Triangle area of Route 9 and Route 30 in Framingham, Massachusetts. Members of the firm have the expertise required to complete transactions involving commercial properties such as restaurants, auto dealerships, franchise fast-food operations, and shopping centers, as well as those involving the transfer or lease of single-family residences, condominiums, and vacant land.

Estate Planning: The firm will assist you in planning for the distribution of assets at death and minimizing or eliminating Massachusetts and federal estate taxes. We will accomplish the release of estate tax liens to clear the title to real estate to effectuate its sale. We will provide advice on the most current estate planning techniques and strategies. Clients who have become disabled or are unable to conduct their affairs are given thoughtful advice about the options which may be available to them, how best to coordinate the disposition of their property, or how to become qualified to serve as guardian or conservator of an elderly or disabled person.

Many estates consist entirely of non-probate assets such as life insurance and annuities, retirement accounts, joint or trustee bank or savings accounts, and other jointly owned real and personal property. The probate process may not be required for the transfer of these assets. It may be necessary, however, that these non-probate assets be reported to federal or state taxing authorities within strict time limitations since they may be subject to estate taxes. Issues such as these will be carefully examined by the firm and after review and consultation, you will be provided with a detailed plan for the prompt and efficient disposition of these often very sensitive matters.

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Family Law: The firm represents individuals in connection with a variety of probate and family law matters, including divorce, separate support, paternity, adoption, guardianship, and conservatorship. These matters require close attention to detail and often the need for immediate attention by an institution of appropriate proceedings. The firm is prepared to respond appropriately and decisively to your individual needs should you require assistance in these types of legal matters.

Business Transactions: Law Office of Richard J. DeAngelis, LLC provides advice in planning for the succession of ownership and continuity of operation of the business. The firm can assist you in the purchase or sale of an existing business or in the establishment of new businesses. We prepare and negotiate contracts to buy or sell, obtain all necessary permits or licenses, review leases and attend to all other details to accomplish a successful transaction.

Specific areas of focus include:

  • Leases – All forms of personal and commercial leasing, including restaurants, office and commercial buildings
  • Real Estate Finance – Representation of lenders and borrowers in the negotiation and documentation of real estate transactions including Opinion Letters, Notes and Mortgages
  • Real Estate Transactions & Title Examinations –The sale of personal residences, office buildings, parcels of land both for speculation and development, shopping centers, apartments, and other similar transactions
  • Subdivision Law – Preparation and submission of plans and related documents for the approval of subdivision proposals before planning boards and other administrative agencies
  • Probate, Trusts, and Wills – We ascertain the needs and desires of our clients and establish wills and trusts tailored to their particular circumstances
  • Estate Administration – We work closely with the heirs and fiduciaries of the estate for the administration of the estate, and the payment of all obligations, distributions, and taxes
  • Corporate Affairs – Organization, choice of entity, and the constitution of the affairs of business entities
  • Development and Permitting – Preparation and submission of all documentation necessary to obtain the permits required for the development of real property. Representation before all boards and agencies, an overview of the construction process including contracts, licenses, and permits
  • Business Transactions – Representation in the negotiation of purchase, sale, lease, assignment or other disposition of businesses and other entities
  • Education – Representation of school districts, district employees, students and parents in matters relating to public schools, collective bargaining, grievance administration.
  • Municipal Law – Representation of municipalities, agencies, and individuals appearing before municipal administrative boards and agencies in all manner of proceedings